Toshiki Kishi

Toshiki Kishi

In memory of Kishi sensei

Rest In Peace

1964 - 2002

Toshiki Kishi, kendo 5th dan, was a student at NYC Kendo Club. Kataoka Sensei described his kendo as “strong, fast, and beautiful.” With the support of Kataoka-sensei, Kishi-sensei formed the NYC Kendo Club Midtown Kenshinkai in March, 2002. His reputation as a kendo player attracted many fine players. This club became what we now know as New York Kenshinkai.

Like a perfect cherry blossom falling in a spring wind, Kishi Sensei departed this mortal coil on October 7, 2002. He was 34 years old. Since his passing, Kenshinkai has continued to grow and mature and will continue his legacy for years to come.

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