( ken • shin • kai )

New York Kenshinkai is located right in the heart of Manhattan. Having celebrated our fifteenth year in 2017, we have many dedicated members who are pursuing both their individual and common goals through the practice of Kendo. We are affiliated with the national All US Kendo Federation and the regional All Eastern US Kendo Federation. If you happen to be in New York, we would be very happy to have you visit us.

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Visit Our Dojo

Classes are tailored to the attendees' experience level so everyone can have a meaningful practice.
Never feel left behind.


Beginners are welcome to visit and observe classes.
Please contact us in advance.


Friday classes are open to advanced visitors.
Please contact us in advance.

Meet Our Instructors

Our instructors are passionate about Kendo. Most instructors have over 20 years of kendo experience and have achieved an average rank of 6th Dan.
They are committed to helping you improve.

Join NY Kenshinkai

In addition to attending and hosting many kendo events throughout the year, we also have many casual events where we further strengthen our bonds outside of practice. One of our long-time traditions is an annual "no kendo" summer camp.

Let's have fun together!

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